01. Non Ferrous Lead/Scale Master Available:
Will relocate. Has a college degree. Manages non-ferrous operations, maintenance, shipping and receiving. Monitors and maintains inventory. Certified heavy equipment operator. (GL)

02. General Manager / Vice President:
Will relocate, has no dependents. Extensive production, facility development and team building skills. Strong in operations along with significant commercial experience. Has run expansions and been under budget and on time. Built scrap yards and smelters. Strong knowledge of industrial processes and machinery. Through understanding of buying and selling scrap metal at the wholesale and consumer levels. Inventory and P&L responsibilities. (GL)

03. Foreman/Crane Operator
Will relocate. Loads and unloads trucks and railroad cars. Sorts and upgrades metals. Participates in all phases of the scrap metal business. Operations of various types of cranes. Participates in pre-job meetings. Trains new employees and provides leadership and motivation. (GL)

04. Manager of Non Ferrous Operations:
Vast knowledge in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. Prepares schedule to meet production needs. Safety inspector, hires and trains new employees. Strong in operations, logistics, dispatch, purchasing and marketing. In charge of preventative maintenance on all equipment. Various certifications and training. College Degree. Will relocate. (GL)

05. Vice President/General Manager
Has managed a full service secondary aluminum smelter and a full service scrap center. Has hired, trained and disciplined over 45 employees. Increased revenues from 500K to 5K million on a monthly basis. Steers and directs operations to generate maximum profits. Has managed capital expense budges exceeding 2 million across 2 locations. (GL)

06. Non Ferrous Buyer / Sales Manager:
8+ years buying and pricing commercial accounts. In charge of pricing, incoming and outgoing material. Works closely and maintains suppliers and vendor relations. (LS)

07. General Manager:
Oversee up to 9 locations. Managed ferrous and non ferrous sales, set pricing. Streamline operations to make them more profitable. Built and maintained non ferrous warehouse. Also, good shredder experience. (LS)

08. Trader / Broker:
10 years of experience. Responsible for trading more than $30 million annually. Did both purchasing and sales of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Good international and domestic book, covering 10 states. P&L management, sales, marketing, purchasing and logistics. (LS)

09. Purchasing and Sales Manager / Operations Manager
Led strategic acquisitions for maritime and naval ship breaking. Sold vessel scrap internationally and domestically. Also responsible for the sale of ferrous and non ferrous metals. (LS)

10. Buyer / Marketing Manager:
Built a sales volume to $60 million per year. Excellent experience in red metals, aluminum, nickel, iron and other mixed metals. Created new policies and procedures and increased dealer and supplier networks. (LS)

11. Owner / Operator of Full Service Recycling Yard:
Specializing in non ferrous and alloys. Responsible for operations management, logistics, all assets, marketing and hedging, risk management, asset procurement, inventory control and maintenance and production of entire yard. (LS)

12. Regional Operations Manager:
Expertise in raising profit margins, buyer of ferrous and non ferrous material and strong customer relations skills. Has managed over 40 people. Oversees daily operations. Maintains monthly budgets and projections for multiple locations. (GL)

13. Yard Foreman with Shredder Experience:
Supervises day to day operations, can operate all equipment and can oversee maintenance while performing start up maintenance and inspections. (GL)

14. Manager/Buyer:
Looking to relocate to Northeast. Can oversee multiple yards, Oversees safety provisions as well as administer new safety regulations. Develops and maintains relationships with commercial customers. Closely monitors grade of materials being purchased to maintain quality. Strong in ferrous/nonferrous and has torching experience. (GL)

15. Shredder Operator/Maintenance Manager:
A tremendous knowledge of shredders and what is best to make shredders productive and profitable with minimal damage to production. He started off working with heavy equipment and transferred his knowledge of shredder equipment to the metals industry. Strong knowledge of non-ferrous and ferrous metals with the ability to operate most equipment. Direct and coordinate organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, & increase efficiency. (SO)

16. Non Ferrous/Ferrous Commercial Buyer:
20+ years of experience in the scrap metal industry with established services and strong relationships in the Latino market in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Purchasing include complete shredding, shearing and sorting facilities, baling, torching and auto crushing, as well as automobile and appliance decommissioning. The candidate has the ability to read, write and fluently speak multiple dialects of Spanish which giving an edge on any domestic exports. (SO)

17. Facility Manager:
The candidate has run multiple facilities for one of the Nation’s largest metals recycling companies. They had full financial control of his full time facility as well as satellite facilities. The candidate has had heavy training in safety and OSHA standards and runs well orchestrated facility. An “outside the box” thinker and has held many outreach programs to inform communities the advantage of recycling. Working the entire logistics department, developed business, implemented different employee bonus programs and maintained a heavy flow of production. (SO)

18. Director of Operations:
Responsible for P&L for all of scrap metal processing. Oversight of 19 locations throughout central and West Michigan including: Operations, Safety, Environmental, and Maintenance. Responsible for establishing Key Performance Measures, production, maintenance and quality of Ferrous Shredders, Shears, Balers, Block Crusher, Hot Briquetting Plant, Non-Ferrous Metals and Paper Plant. Developed the specifications for the purchase of Non-Ferrous Separation, Wire Chopping Line, Auto Shredder, 1200 Ton Shear, Paper Baler, Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Balers, Cranes, Loaders, Trucks, Lift Trucks and Trailers. Oversight of the Quality Department for the ISO-9000 Quality System. (SO)

19. Non Ferrous/Ferrous Buyer:
The candidate has worked the industry from the ground up. The candidate has done foreign and domestic negotiations and keeps his eye on the market for change. Great appreciation for customers and maintains a proper relation to keep communications open. Proper management of high volume industrial accounts and negotiates freight rates to keep profits high even through transport. Can purchase NF/F metals, vehicles, E-Scrap, recyclable corrugate, paper, & plastic. (SO)

20. Non Ferrous Supervisor:
6 years in scrap, over 10 years in management roles. Oversee Non Ferrous and daily operations of the yard. Collaborates and interacts with marketing and transportation departments to arrange sale of material. Shipping and Receiving, maintains Inventory. Trains and oversees up to 24 people. Implements and improves safety programs, reduces equipment expenses and payroll expenses. (GL)

21. Non-Ferrous Supervisor Available
• Salary: 50K
• Will Relocate
• Completed weekly payroll and managed daily and vacation times for hourly crew of fifty plus employees.
• Worked closely with the HSET team performing audits, conducting safety meetings and filing incident reports.
• Liaison between law enforcement, judicial system and the company for loss prevention and theft.
• Managed inventory control of materials through shipping and receiving.
• Instrumental in marketing and competitive pricing strategies.
• Responsible for ordering, receiving and auditing equipment and supplies from various vendors.
• Certified in operation of various yard equipment.

22. Trader/Buyer/Operations (Will Relocate) Salary: 100K
• Responsible for Profit and Loss of a brokerage export / domestic business.
• Sourced suppliers and renewed relationships from prior suppliers to increase business.
• Maintained excellent supplier and customer service levels, with attention to quality improvements.
• Negotiated freight rates, domestic and export, including documentation requirements.
• Sourced new global markets and items to increase sales and profits.
• Obtained an AQSIQ license for export to China.

23. Operations Manager
• Salary: 55K
• Will Relocate
• Personnel management (14 employees).
• Yard management.
• Warehouse management.
• Non-ferrous scale purchasing.
• Customer service.
• Building and/or maintaining all the information systems (servers, computers, networks, camera systems, phone systems, software and cell phones) for all three company locations.

24. Business Development Manager:
• Salary: 95K
• Will Relocate
• Implemented sales and marketing strategies and plans.
• Increased supplier and customer base and achieved maximum sales exposure.
• Created new niche markets within the business unit and brought new sales.
• Increased sales for the business unit after one year from $4.2 to $9.7 MM.
• Developed and improved buying processes, per changes in the market place.
• Negotiated price, terms of trade, delivery terms, and conditions to ensure proper handling and minimize overhead.
• Brought yearly savings averaging $1.5 MM.
• Worked with Sales departments to determine trends related to new products and pricing strategies.
• Supervised traffic department designee for any incoming shipments from supplier to destination.
• Issued letters of credit if required by transaction.
• Ensured appropriate handling of Hedged contracts; recorded and monitored active trades for effectiveness.
• Achieved additional revenues on hedged contracts averaging $1.2 MM per year.

25. Shredder/Plant/Operations Manager:
• Salary: 100K
• Will Relocate
• Bachelor’s Degree.
• Bilingual
• Opened business to the public and helped increase purchases by over 3000 tons per month.
• Developed pricing for large customers and ensured that they received excellent customer service.
• Researched and negotiated the purchase of a new Aljon 580 tin baler.
• Managed and trained 30 employees.
• Conducted bilingual safety and environmental meetings.
• Interfaced with safety, environmental, law enforcement and fire code agencies.
• Directed maintenance and procured parts for 500-ton guillotine shear, tin baler, 2-ram nonferrous baler, and material handlers.

26. Buyer:
Manages three different departments, industrial, dealer support and cashiers. Process and track fulfillment of customer settlements, resolve customer problems. Works firsthand with material resulting in the knowledge of materials and their grade. Provides excellent customer service by answering inquiries and solving potential discrepancies on settlements. Extensive computer experience, familiar with net ton, gross ton, metric ton. (GL)

27. Operations Manager (Shredder):
Manages 25 people, oversees metal recovery plant, shredder, and pier for cargo ship loading. Trains on material and safety policies. Leads department managers regarding maintenance and operation of the plant. Extensive experience with bulk cargo, operations and container logistics, domestic and import. Responsible for P&L, maintaining site budge and reducing operating costs. (GL)

28. General Manager:
25 years’ experience building, running and creating successful yards. Experience trading ferrous and nonferrous metals, negotiating purchases and creating successful sales. Has supervised up to 20 people. Sets purchase prices, maintains supplier relationships and acquires new business. Handles all maintenance, EPA and OSHA issues. Arranges transportation of the steel scrap raw material to the plant. (GL)

29. VP Of Manufacturing/Director of Operations/Director of Maintenance:
P&L leadership responsibility for all paper and metal processing plants including operations, safety, environmental, and maintenance functions. Areas of expertise include: strategy implementation, capital planning and budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, safety and quality systems, people and team development. Has developed the most efficient wire chopping operation in the US. (GL)

Metals Recycling