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Burner Mechanic [KB]

Position: Burner Mechanic [KB]
Location: New Rochelle, NY
Industry Type: Mechanical Contracting


Burner Mechanic

New Rochelle, NY

Reputable company seeks to hire an experienced Burner Mechanic to add to their team.

Responsibilities to include but not limited to:

  • Combustion process
  • All electrical applications as they pertain to burner wiring, ancillary equipment, burner safety and operating controls, temperature controls, power distribution for the burner and related equipment.
  • Able to use electric meters and amp probes to determine correct voltage and amperage
  • Able to troubleshoot electrical problems to find shorted wiring, loose/weak connections, problems with all related electrical components.
  • Knowledge of required operating pressures, temperatures (where applicable) of oil.
  • Knowledge of required gas pressure and flow for natural gas
  • Able to dismantle burners to repair/replace defective components such as ignition assemblies, nozzle assemblies.
  • Able to assess/replace gas/oil valves and other plumbing related work.
  • Able to use combustion gas analyzer and interpret readings, able to adjust the burner to obtain required results.
  • Understand the various codes as they apply to boilers/burners.

This is a full time, direct position with room for advancement.

Salary:  $35 - $65/hr

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